Ever in Evernote – Tales of an Obsession

 EvernoteIt took me just five days to go from an Evernote novice to an Evernote obsessive.  I’m the sort of person who likes to have everything in one place so despite my love of the Midori Traveler and Scrivener, I was subconsciously driven nuts by having two systems.  This explains why my obsession developed so quickly.

I started by moving chapters and outlines into Evernote. Then I copied all of my book research into Evernote.  From there it was recipes, journals, and blog ideas followed by copies of my important documents.  Next up were photos of my license plate (because I always forget the number) and photos of my printer ink cartridges (for the same reason).    I thrashed Evernote Web Clipper capturing articles about potential travel destinations.   I found out that I could copy my Kindle highlights into Evernote. (Sweet!)  I even put together a calender of tasks and it’s working for me in a way that my previous calendars never did.

I haven’t tried posting to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn directly from Evernote yet but I might try that over the next couple of weeks.

The best feature of all (as I said in a previous blog post) is that everything can be synced and retrieved from any of my devices.  The tedious need to connect a device to another device or go through an intermediary like Dropbox has disappeared.

The basic principle that Evernote works best when you stuff as much as humanly possible into it seems absolutely true.  I’ve constructed my filing system in a way that works for me and suddenly all of the loose data that’s been sloshing around in various folder and devices for years has been consolidated.  I feel so organized!

I won’t got into tips and techniques about using Evernote in this blog unless it’s specific to writing because there are a ton of YouTube videos that cover all of the cool things you can do.  About the only thing I can confirm is that if you’re a writer that wants to be able to work anywhere on any device and keep everything else in your life stored in the same place, Evernote might just be the solution you’re looking for.

2 thoughts on “Ever in Evernote – Tales of an Obsession

  1. I’m watching your Evernote experiment with interest. I’ve been collecting things in Evernote for a few years like recipes and random stuff. But, I’ve only just moved from YWriter to Scrivener for writing so I’m probably gonna hang there for a while. I was not a fan of Scrivener’s interface until I tried to do simple things in YWriter like print out a manuscript double-spaced or print out scene cards, which YWriter doesn’t handle well (but it’s FREE!). Scrivener is not as intuitive to use but I’ve managed to set it up all nice now. I do keep some writing-related craft and to-do notes on Evernote but how do you attach metadata in Evernote against each scene? Things like wordcount, characters in scene, pov, etc? Tags?


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