Gender neutral name

After a bit of debate, I’ve decided to make my pen name gender neutral. Basically, I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed in anyway, and a neutral name lets me write whatever I want to write without ‘expectations’ of what the content will be. I’d go the route of Lionel Shriver, if I was slightly braver (which I am definitely not).

So, expect the URL for this page to change over the next week to at some point, and the book covers to change too.

It’s officially the last time I’ll change my pen name. I promise! Besides, while I have a low number of readers for the blog and the books, there’s not a lot of downsides to this kind of change. Trying to change my name later, if I ever managed to establish any kind of fan base, would be a far riskier move.

Better now, than never.


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