In other News… You Can Read All of My Stories for Free on Wattpad

UPDATE (29 August 2018): I removed the only story I got around to posting on Wattpad. Why? See my later post.

I made a decision this week that I’m posting my stories and novels to Wattpad. Why? Well, mainly because I have the rejection constitution of a mouse. A teeny tiny baby mouse. The last rejection straw was broken earlier in the week when a low-rent indie publisher turned down my novel.  All the publisher did was format manuscripts into e-books and POD (print on demand) copies on the author’s behalf. Something writers with a bit of patience can do themselves.  Yes, they also offered the traditional aspects of editing (by an untrained editor), and cover design (really awful cover design) but that was about it.

At which point, the decision (for me) was made. If it’s a choice between keeping the writing process enjoyable and getting rid of the pressure to ‘sell myself’ I’d rather just write for free. Having a manuscript lying around unread by anyone while I try to shop it around to agents and publishers and wait months and months to get turned down? 🤮 No, thanks.

Contributing to the decision was the fact that I’m just not a social media person. I’ve tried, Lord knows I’ve tried, but connecting to Facebook and having a Twitter account? Ugh, no. I always feel like a permanent idiot.

Anyway, I’ll still have copies available on Amazon (both as a Kindle version and a paperback), just in case someone actually wants something a little more substantial. However continuing to use Amazon is purely a technical decision. I need somewhere to store my files, and Amazon provides that platform. BTW, I am not in KDP Select, and from what I can tell, if an author isn’t in KDP Select, Amazon really doesn’t give a sh*t if you published the book elsewhere.

So, if you’re a Wattpad user, or your interested in free stuff, head on over there and login/signup…



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