Mea Cupla. And Sound Design.

This isn’t really a posting about much except for a mea culpa.  I made an assumption that if I updated my posts in WordPress then it would be updated on Facebook. Nope. It looks like FB caches the first post and doesn’t touch it again (and WordPress doesn’t push an update).  Apologies to anyone who reads a blog synopsis on FB and thinks I don’t check my grammar and spelling. (Or more to the point, I find something three hours later and don’t bother updating it.)  Also, I briefly experimented with the new WP editor on some of my articles. The article on Coco now has a permanently screwed up lack of paragraphs despite the presence of paragraph breaks in the editor. So, there’s that.

As I’m inherently lazy, I might get around to correcting my posts on FB by directly copying them to FB.  Just like ‘one day’ I might go on a diet. Although, rest assured, I am slightly more motivated when it comes to completing my new novel. Note the word ‘slightly’.

Continuing with the theme of laziness, here’s are two videos instead of a blog post with lots of wordy words. The first one explores the sound design in the Harry Potter films and the next one is a short documentary about Ben Burtt.  I’ve been interested in sound design ever since Ben Burtt’s design in Star Wars blew my mind. It’s an amazing art form. But I think perhaps Ben Burtt was one of the last of the old school to approach his sound design from a practical perspective. I get the feeling that these days it’s a little easier to call up something from a sound library or generate it electronically, rather than having to traipse around in the middle of nowhere armed with a microphone and a recorder. To me, this makes sound design a little less exciting. I’m unlikely to ever sit through a film again and think, “Holy cow–what the heck did I just hear?”




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