There’s Nothing Like The Feeling of Publishing a Doomsday Pandemic Book Before There is an Actual Pandemic

Not that I like to toot my own writing horn, but back in 2018 I wrote and published a novel about the results of a pandemic. The title is Eden and it's all about how a smallpox variant is used to cure over population, and then gets used to keep the population in check. Must like [...]

I’ve Been Away…

It's been a while. Literally months (and months). I have an excuse though. My father died back in September 2019. He'd been ill since Christmas 2018. The doctor said it would be his last Christmas, and it turned out that the doctor was right. Now, before anyone posts comments such as, "Oh, I'm sorry for [...]

Should I use a Kanban board or a To Do List app to manage my writing tasks?

As a busy writer (stop it--you know you are, even if you really just watch Netflix all day), you may sometimes wonder what sort of app you should use that shames you into writing more. Or at least lets you see how busy (or not) that you are. Or means you'll never miss another birthday [...]