Should I use a Kanban board or a To Do List app to manage my writing tasks?

As a busy writer (stop it--you know you are, even if you really just watch Netflix all day), you may sometimes wonder what sort of app you should use that shames you into writing more. Or at least lets you see how busy (or not) that you are. Or means you'll never miss another birthday [...]

I’ve changed my mind: I’m keeping Google Keep (and Calendar)

I have a confession to make. I'm a sucker for trying out To Do apps, task managers and productivity whatchamacallits. I subscribed for several years to Toodledo. I've tried Wunderlist, Trello, Basecamp, Remember the Milk,, and Todoist. I've even been desperate enough to use the task manager in Outlook (blerk). As I moved between apps, [...]

The Guardian (the newspaper, not the movie characters) lists seven top to-do list apps

In my never ending quest for a decent To Do app, I blundered into this article. I'm currently using ToDoist and Habitica, but hadn't heard of Google Keep. I'm going to try Google Keep as well because it's free. Free is good. Free with pretty colors and an app that looks like a notepad is [...]

Habitica: hatching magical pets and collecting weapons because writing

In an effort to establish regular routines (diet, exercise, leaving the house, writing actual sentences), I've been trying out a site called Habitica. Habitica's aim is to 'gamify' your daily tasks so that every time you accomplish a task you're rewarded with items completely useless in Real Life (tm) but still fun to have. (I [...]

ProWritingAid: Interwebs good, but also, Interwebs bad

I've been continuing to use ProWritingAid. And it continues to be a mixed bag. On the upside it has some handy features. For example, I've fallen in love with its report on 'Overused Words' and 'Repeats'.  It's inevitable when writing a novel that a bunch of phrases and words get repeated over and over again. [...]

ProWritingAid… Grammar good sometime, but also, bad

I recently subscribed to ProWritingAid. And yes, it's like an all singing and all dancing editor. It covers everything you can think of that you'd want to check. Passive sentences, sticky sentences, repeats. You name it, it seems to check it. I've found this a great help and way cheaper than having to pay someone [...]