Adam Savage Shows the Creative Process Through a Strandbeest Build (or, Things Go Wrong)

I love that Adam Savage always shows his projects from beginning to end and that he's happy to show that working from the concept through to the final design isn't always a smooth process. There will be issues. Measurements will be wrong. The concept may not work as envisioned. It takes longer than expected. Corrective [...]

Elton John’s Photography Collection

It's always fascinating to learn what interests people.  It turns out that Elton John has an extensive photography collection that features some of the world's most iconic photos, including photos by Dorothea Lange, and Irving Penn. (On a side note, one of my favorite photography books is Irving Penn's Small Trades.)

Nerves of Steel…

I can't imagine anything more scary as a creative than having to pitch ideas in front of a panel of judges from Vogue in less than 15-minutes. This video shows a few of the finalists for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund making their case for winning...  Braver than I could ever be, no matter how much [...]

Art and Money, Also Known as ‘Stick a Shark in Formaldehyde’

I've always been curious about the fame and attention the Turner prize attracts (or used to attract) and how some of the winners are catapulted into the money making stratosphere. Which to me, no lover of contemporary art, seems strange. Exactly why would anyone want to pay vast sums of money for an artwork that [...]