Disappointing Things in Life

My current list of disappointments this week are as follows. Buying Stollen (otherwise known as delicious, delicious German Christmas bread) and forgetting that the marzipan in the middle is optional. No marzipan could be found in my Stollen. Sad. Running Seti@home over the years and only seeing endless packets of zip. Just background noise in [...]

Coco is a Horror Story

Warning: spoilers ahead. If you haven't seen Coco then why are you reading this blog post? Note: This blog post discusses the belief system in the movie Coco. This is not a discussion or criticism of the actual Día de Muertos. Remember when Pixar and Disney released Coco, that heart warming movie about honoring and remembering [...]

In Praise of Wendy Torrance

I saw The Shining when it was first released all those decades ago. The responses by critics were mixed and I remember thinking that Jack Nicholson's and Shelley Duvall's performances were extreme. Especially Shelley Duvall. Wendy seemed like a meek housewife who did nothing but cry and run around screaming. Stephen King said exactly the [...]